3 Deadly Bacteria that Hides on Your Carpet 

Carpets, they give a whole new beauty to our home. We walk on it, sat on it and even lay on it. Not just us but also our furry pets love to spend time on our carpets. But did you know there are also other things that lurks on your carpet?  

Deadly Bacteria

One of the dirtiest parts of our home is our carpet. And in between the fibers are bacteria settling. You may think these are just bacteria’s that usually come inside our home, well you have to think again. The bacteria types hiding on your carpet are deadly, and it will make you consider carpet cleaning more often. That is why we have listed them down for you:  


Escherichia coli or E. Coli can cause serious health problems. This bacterium comes from the fecal matters of mammals. And how does this get into your carpet? Your pets or even you can deposit them right after you flush your toilette or splashes of water. Some strains of E.Coli causes minimal damage but it could cause severe diarrhea, urinary tract infection and even pneumonia. You might want to avoid cuddling with your kids or pets on your carpet now, just make sure you clean it regularly to wash off germs that can cause serious health problems.  


You may be familiar with this type of bacteria as it has over 40,000 cases reported annually. Salmonella, like E.Coli can be transferred from fecal matters from mammals and also from dirt that you get outside your home. This can get into your food or carried by your pets and loom on your carpets. Salmonella is fatal when not treated immediately. It causes high fever, severe diarrhea and painful cramps. Young kids and infants are the most vulnerable people to get Salmonella, so be careful and always keep your carpet disinfected.  


Known as North Walk Virus, the Norovirus also hides on your carpet. It can be transferred from outside tracking and could live in your carpets for more than a month. If you and your family come in contact with the Norovirus, the symptoms could be similar with food poisoning and the flu. Dust can spread the Norovirus around your house and you carpet be one of the culprits. It can become airborne too since you are in and out of the house. Make sure to vacuum regularly to eliminate this virus from staying inside your home.  


There is only one simple rule to follow to get rid of these bacteria. Always keep your carpet clean. Part of maintaining a carpet is not only to make it look good and prolong its life but also to get rid of the germs that lurk in it. Carpets are great addition to our home, and it could light up our mood as well but with poor maintenance it can also cause health problems. Health is something you should not cross out on your priority list. Germs are all around us and by simply taking measures and maintaining our carpets clean, we can avoid serious health damages and keep our home safe from deadly bacteria.

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